Hello Friends! My name is Nicole & I appreciate you taking the time to come check out who I am.

While a cute story of how I got started escapes me, I can tell you it did not happen overnight & to this day continues to evolve. I’ve been creative since high school but it was not until my own children were each in high school that I began to pursue photography with what felt like renewed vigor. But even then, I would not be able to imagine where this journey would take me. In 2005 my husband & I moved across the country from Northwest Florida all the way to North Central Washington state. It was here where things exploded.

What began as just landscape & flower type photography has now evolved into so much more. I had no desire to be just another photographer, lost in the masses. Tho I have done & will continue to offer portrait & event work, my love is in nature photography. Creating things from my photography has kept me inspired. I went from creating framed images, to matted images with inspirational words. I took small bits of images & artistically placed them onto these awesome crisp white square blank note cards. Sticking with the square images, the collection of wood & tile coasters were not far behind. Next the bookmarks were born, all of which (along with the coasters & note cards) were designed from scratch. The last photo related venture was my small desk calendars. I have plans for a few more varieties totally not flower oriented for 2013.

Another side to my life has always been recycling. In the 1980’s we were the family who recycled before it was cool. Both my children have grown up with recycling being a part of their everyday lives. Now, this is coming into my artistic life. I have been collecting all sorts of things for years; which would have otherwise ended up in our landfills, or who knows where. I have fabric, clothes, wood, records & many other random things neatly stored away in closets & boxes. They all patiently wait for me to find another life for them. The first creation along this line is my Redwood trivets/hotplates. The rest of the ideas are slowly coming to life.

So with a name like Nicole’s Visions, you will always find something different & new … something that explores all the wondrous Visions I have.

For 2012 & beyond my focus will be to find a creative balance in my shop of spiritual items, recycling & photography.

Where Art, Magick & Recycling come together

I've changed my name ... which here on Zibbet requires a whole new shop ... Come see me at Zibbet.com/ErdeGeist ... once the premium status is transferred, the full transformation will be under way & the shop will be stocked!!